Love PeiWei 0

Love PeiWei

Love PeiWeiOriginally uploaded by WISCHMI2 Dont you just love peiwei. They have the best honey seared chicken. This peiwei is in Cary, NC.


I still haven't figured out how to post pictures/video to my blog but ill figure it out soon. I've been taking lots of pictures with my new HTC Fuzi. Its very nice, u can...

Tehachapi, CA 0

Tehachapi, CA

I am fotunate enough to be writing this post from the tehachapi loop in california. i had a 2 week business trip and decided to come up for the weekend. what a beautiful place....

Railfan Locations 0

Railfan Locations

I took the same basic usage that I have on and applied it to Essentially users can register with the site and post their railfan sites. I have posted several of my...

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I still haven’t figured out how to get the adsense operating correctly but I did add Greensboro, NC and Winston Salem, NC to the database set. I am going to add Wilmington to the...

Railfan Radio 0

Railfan Radio

Hi again, RTPRailfan radio is up again. I’ve had it running for a few days and it seems like its operating correctly. There seems to be a lot of good scanning around the middle...

RTP Railfan Mapping 0

RTP Railfan Mapping

Hi everybody, Well, I haven’t done much with the website much lately because I’ve spend 3 months on my new site This is a dynamic google maps site that required me learning...