Author: Brian Schmid


Hamlet, NC from the air, part 2

We went to Hamlet, NC last October as well and even though we didn’t see that many trains, I did get some good flight time in.  We got some video of the yard and...


Another long time in between posts….

Its been 9 months since I last posted a blog post.  Can’t believe how fast time flies.  Back in October my brother and I did a railfan trip through some old haunts and I...

hamlet station drone 0

Hamlet from the air

A few weeks ago I did a trip around the Hamlet area, over to the ACL and back through Raleigh.  Got some good video from my drone of different places.  Its amazing what you...


Pic of the Day

Caught the Amtrak the other day in Parkton, NC.  I liked this pic of the afternoon light.


American Tobacco Trail…

bridge before the trail got fixed up.  The trail has had a lot of work done in the past view years.  Perhaps even more since we left.


Random Pic of the Day

I use to live in Holly Springs, NC which is south of Apex, NC where the old SAL line running from Raleigh to Hamlet is.  I use to hang out in Apex on occasion. ...