Greensboro Railfan?

Well as with most things in life, they don’t last.  It is time for my family and I to move to a new location, specifically Greensboro, NC.  I plan on keeping the RTPRailfan site but the RTP area railroad scanner will come down within the next two weeks.  I have to disassemble the antenna setup for the house sale.  I built the antenna setup in December 2008 and have enjoyed almost 5 years of listening to the area railroad activities.  It has been a pain sometimes with the laptop but overall its been a good setup.  I will really miss it.  I hope that our new location allows me to setup the antenna again and enjoy scanning the Greensboro area.  I will also miss the Cary/Raleigh area for the NS/CSX line railfanning it has and places I hang out.  I really enjoy Cary downtown because its clean and quiet and has both lines running through it.  I visited High Point, NC some time ago and it may be my new favorite place to hang out.  I will try to put up some recent photos soon.

Brian Schmid

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