Railfanning on the Atlantic Coast Line, South Carolina

I actually added an article to rtprailfan.com about my recent trip down the Atlantic Coast Line in South Carolina.  This trip started in Dillon, SC and finished in Savannah, GA.  I actually only hit a few spots along the way.  I based my trip on the Frograil tour of the CSX line.  It was a good trip, but it was too much distance to cover in such a short time.  I only spent about 10 minutes or less at each railfan location.  Anyways, check it out on the rtprailfan.com site.

Brian Schmid

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2 Responses

  1. lawrence Stewart says:

    hello from Tacoma Washington this is Trainman

  2. Mike Baldock says:

    Now remember that the ACL merged with the Seaboard Air Line (which the old SAL main was behind Greenwave Scientific) to form the Seaboard Coast Line, which was then assimilated by the Borg (CSX).

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