BluRay Video Conversion for Samsung playback

Well I finally figured out what the problem with the video conversion was.  It was the software I was using.  Apparently my computer does not work with Xilisoft video converter well at all.  I had tried all kinds of different conversions, avi, ts, xvid, divx.  I could only come close with xvid at 23.97 fps.  However, even then the video was kind of choppy in certain sections.  So I downloaded another conversion program called iSkysoft video converter.  I used this to convert my copy of Event Horizon and it worked great.  I’m not sure what the difference is or if Xilisoft just doesn’t work right at all but its great that it worked.  I’m currently converting all my bluray movies so I will be able to try it out tomorrow when the finally get finished.

Brian Schmid

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