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Hi everybody,

Well, I haven’t done much with the www.rtprailfan.com website much lately because I’ve spend 3 months on my new site http://www.whatstodotoday.com. This is a dynamic google maps site that required me learning the basics of javascript, php, mysql and refreshing my html and css. That was a lot to learn. I’m definitley not an expert but I have a better understanding of how they work. Anyways, one of the things I added to www.whatstodotoday.com is a “railfan” type. I don’t want to go into the specifics of the site, check out http://www.whatstodotoday.com/about_whatstodo.html to see a quick overview. However, the point is railfans currently in the Raleigh or Charlotte area can post google map locations with comments to the site. I think it would cool to add the radio frequencies of trains applicable to this area as well. I think I might add a function like this to www.rtprailfan.com, but this might be a while, as I’m still developing the whatstodotoday site. Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think.

Brian Schmid

This blog is mostly used for showing railfan related activities with the occasional off topic post.

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