Fall is coming!

Time to get back to railfanning! This summer has gone by quickly. Had some good times and bad. LeeAnne’s grandfather died back in July, that was not a good time. He is missed. On the positive side, both LeeAnne and I have gotten promotions recently. Its always good to feel like you are doing something right. Just this past week I got back from a Washington trip that included some railfanning sidelines to the longest tunnel in the U.S. (Cascade tunnel), hiked up some of Mt. Rainier, and checked out the raillines along the Columbia River. It was a great trip and I plan on updating it on www.rtprailfan.com. In addition I recently ordered my Traintenna from DPD productions and I will be getting the server back up and running now that it should be cooling off. See you at RTPRAILFAN!

Brian Schmid

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