RTP Railfan Radio Down

I had to take the railfan audio server down for the summer. For some reason the computer keeps shutting down (maybe cause its in the attic and its about 130 up there). In addition my power bill was very high in June so this will also save me some electricity. I’ll probably pick it back up in September. Maybe by then I can get a Traintenna for better pickup. I haven’t been doing much railfanning anyways. Talk more soon…

Brian Schmid

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2 Responses

  1. Diamond D says:

    Well, terrible timing on my part! Looks like I discovered your webpage and internet stream 3 days after you took it down, bummer! I am a fellow Triangle-area railfan from up in Durham, you can see some of my pictures here:

    I have an indoor Traintenna I got a few years ago and I really like it. From my apartment in Durham I can hear NS trains from Mebane to Morrisville. I can sometimes hear the CSX dispatchers, but not the trains.

    I hope you do put your stream back up in the fall, it would be great to hear the CSX action in the area that is just out of my scanner’s reach.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Diomond D,

    Yes, I plan on putting it back on as soon as the weather cools off. I had it up most of the spring on and off. It was nice to listen to at work!

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