Too much to do…again…

However, this time its work thats the hold up. The last three weeks have been crazy. I haven’t had time to work on the website at all. Hopefully things will calm down soon. I got a GRE superamp but it doesn’t seem to help the signals i’m picking up much. I’m trying to build a filter for the railroad band but its slow going.

Brian Schmid

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  1. Samranting says:

    This is great stuff. The layout is sesnotianal. I’m just getting back into HO after a 40 year absence. I have always been a fan of the L&N. I now live in Tennessee just north of Etowah where there was a L&N yard.. I am gathering info on this part of the L&N trackage. It seems to be slow going. I know I want to model the roundhouse in Loyisville but can’t seem to find any good photos of it. The roundhouse in Etowah, which was not round but rectangular, was torn down years ago. I believe it was when CSX took over.I am always looking for info and have ordered some of Ron Flanery’s books.Enough for now,Ken

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