Its been a while

So I was on vacation and I haven’t updated my blog in some time. I took some railfan trips, to Hamlet, Aberdeen, followed the Durham and Southern from Apex to Dunn, NC, went to Selma, NC on the old ACL mainline. It was quite a vacation. I have a ton of stuff to update with. Also, the search engine optimization we did is paying off, for some reason i’m highly ranked for “amtrak cary.” I guess because of the one article I have on amtrak and Cary, NC. I went there also. I also am working on a video page but I did some stupid stuff the other night in Dreamweaver and I screwed up one of my CSS pages. I need to fix that tonight. Hope everyone had a good holiday and check out the page, I’ll have new stuff soon.

Brian Schmid

This blog is mostly used for showing railfan related activities with the occasional off topic post.

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