RTP Railfan

Finally, I have something to show for my effort. http://www.rtprailfan.com is sorta finished. I have some bugs and some of the links don’t link to anything but I have the main page up and 3 articles. Hopefully I can get the last of the articles that I wanted to do completed soon. I took a break for a while, had other things going on. In antenna news, I got my Smiley antenna tuned to 160 MHz in. Its pretty nice, I can definitely hear more of what is floating around the airwaves than I could with my Diamond. I think I heard the dispatcher in Raleigh the other day but that my have been a fluke because I haven’t heard anything recently. I also have a mag mount for my car that helps when I’m driving around. Pretty nice. Well thats about all thats happening. I should have more of my website together soon!

Brian Schmid

This blog is mostly used for showing railfan related activities with the occasional off topic post.

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