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I wonder how difficult it will be to get any traffic to this blog. I’ve been reading about keyword association with your site and it seems difficult. I guess it just takes time. I’m still working on my website but its slow going. I don’t know how to use the programs very well so there is a very steep learning curve. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I want to lay it out. I’m thinking if I can just get the page overview together, I’ll go ahead and launch it. On a different subject all together, I’m still waiting on my mag mount antenna with BNC connector. I also got a 5/8 wavelength antenna custom build for 160 MHz resonance frequency. I’m hoping this will do much better than my Diamond antenna hooked to my scanner in the car. I just don’t think I’m getting the range I’m supposed to be getting. Went out at lunch today looking for trains in RTP, no luck.

Brian Schmid

This blog is mostly used for showing railfan related activities with the occasional off topic post.

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