Almost time for vacation

And what better way to spend a vacation than doing some railfanning. Actually I will only probably get in a day of it with all the other things I have to do. Oh well. My railfan site is making progress each day, although I have taken a bit of a break recently. I need to get the title navigation bar working and the site map built but other than that I think its pretty much laid out. For my railfan site, I want to have it be interactive for users. The way the site is set up is you have articles and every article has a description of what you saw and what the area was like. Along with this you have a picture gallery and a google map to show exactly where it is. I am going to create, somehow, a main page that is just one big google map with place markers. Every place marker will pop up a balloon when you click on it and the balloon will have a link that goes to the article. I think that will be really cool for seeing railfanning locations around you. The problem right now is getting traffic to the site. Time to do more search engine optimization. On a different subject, I think the railroad people must know I sit out and railfan at lunch because I haven’t seen a train in more than a week and a half. Its getting old, I think I’ll have to switch times.

Brian Schmid

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