NS Piedmont Division

Recently on the scanner I heard two defect detectors at different mileposts and thought they were on the Winston-Salem District that is west of our house running from Winston-Salem north to Roanoke.  Turns out it was coming from the K-Line that runs between Greensboro and Winston-Salem.  I found this out by finally finding a timetable for the NS_Piedmont.

By the way I recently found this website about the Winston-Salem district which has an excellent overview of that line.  http://pumpkinvine.wordpress.com/

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New Stuff

Wow, its been a long time since I started the RTPRailfan website.  Way back in 2007 I started getting into the radio aspects of railroading.  Back then I didn’t have a kid and had a whole lot of free time.  I really got into the website in 2008 and was doing a lot with it.  Since then it was on and off until my son came in late 2010.  Then it came to a screeching halt.  I still listened to my maxtrac radio once in a while but that was about it.  I would run off to Apex once in a while.  Then when he got older I would take him to Cary, NC to see a few trains with me.  He liked that but not so much the horns.  Then in early 2013 a new job has taken our family to Kernersville, NC.  Moving was hectic and everything has been pushed aside until recently.  We have finally settled in and I got the radio programming setup for the Maxtrac going tonight and I’ve reprogrammed the local frequencies for the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area.  Hopefully I’ll be picking up a lot of good railfan action.  I hope to update the website soon with the new address and maybe add some pages to it.

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Hopefully getting scanner feed back up…

Its been a long road getting all moved in.  One of the things that sucks about DSL, among other things, is the IP Address changing very often.  After some reading I’m trying the dynamic DNS route.  Lets see if this works….and this is why the URL looks wierd.


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Greensboro Scanner Setup

One more week till the move in to the new house. Hopefully a short time after that I will have the antenna up and have the scanner feed back on line. The new house we got should allow me to do what I want with the antenna setup without worrying to much about neighbors. There seems to be a lot of activity around the H line.

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Greensboro Railfan?

Well as with most things in life, they don’t last.  It is time for my family and I to move to a new location, specifically Greensboro, NC.  I plan on keeping the RTPRailfan site but the RTP area railroad scanner will come down within the next two weeks.  I have to disassemble the antenna setup for the house sale.  I built the antenna setup in December 2008 and have enjoyed almost 5 years of listening to the area railroad activities.  It has been a pain sometimes with the laptop but overall its been a good setup.  I will really miss it.  I hope that our new location allows me to setup the antenna again and enjoy scanning the Greensboro area.  I will also miss the Cary/Raleigh area for the NS/CSX line railfanning it has and places I hang out.  I really enjoy Cary downtown because its clean and quiet and has both lines running through it.  I visited High Point, NC some time ago and it may be my new favorite place to hang out.  I will try to put up some recent photos soon.

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Spencer Shops


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North Carolina Transportation Museum

Going to post some pics from a recent trip to the NC Transportation Museum.


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Firestik railroad antenna

I have a firestik rail antenna if anyone is interested in buying it. I’ll sell it for 20 bucks. I don’t want to buy the mount, etc.

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PeeDee Sub

Lights near the PeeDee river on the PeeDee sub east of Hamlet, NC.


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Erwin, TN Yard

Erwin Tennessee yard. Unfortunately when I was there there were no trains going by. I think the yard is supposed to be fairly active. Just not when I’m there.


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